Healthcare Recruiting

Keep Healthcare Recruiting Moving at a Healthy Pace

Help your top recruiters with a sourcing pipeline and increase your job fill rates at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house recruiter.

Solvo provides dependable access to articulate, cost-effective nearshore talent as well as cutting-edge, AI-powered technology to streamline your operations, ensure the flexibility you need, and deliver great customer service.

Build the Team You Need

With Solvo’s remote workforce, we provide employees who fit into your company operations and culture for the following types of positions:

  • Recruiter
  • Scheduler
  • Client Service Rep
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing
  • Account Manager
  • Background Checker
  • Administrative Assistant

We Bring You a World of Talent.

You're Set Up for Growth and Success.

Solvo makes your healthcare recruiting operations more scalable and more efficient.

Your business will receive:

Cost-effective, reliable solutions without compromising on quality

Dedicated recruiters for 45 hours per week

All-in cost with zero overhead and a 30-day rolling contract with no cancellation fee

Comprehensive industry expertise with professionals in every time zone

Up to 60% annual savings vs. a similarly skilled U.S. professional

Full control of the work being done without the need for the office space or equipment

Get cost-effective hiring that’s professional, fully-vetted, qualified and 100% dedicated to your business

Talent Replacement Guarantee

Our talent replacement guarantee removes your risk. This gives you the same assurance on fit that you have with your local employees. Plus, you get peace of mind knowing you have the employees you need, when you need them.

Get Extra Business Support

In addition to hiring employees to enhance your in-house team, you can leverage Solvo’s AI-powered technology. Our Interactive Virtual Agent can help with many aspects of client service like call routing, appointment scheduling and FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your healthcare recruiting team members will work exclusively for you on a full-time, permanent basis; they are not a shared resource. You determine their priorities, projects and deadlines. And thanks to virtual meeting tools, they can meet with you as needed. 

We work with businesses of all sizes. Solvo understands you need quality support regardless of your company’s size. Our solutions work for solo practices and startups as well as larger established companies.

Your remote employees are an extension of your team. Our team will serve and support your current employees. We’re here to strengthen your team and improve your bottom line.