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Our History

It all started in 2017, when one of our CEO’s fell in love with Colombian culture and its people. They made the decision of opening a company that could connect Latin American talent with many companies in North America.

After this great realization, Solvo opened its first office in Medellín, Colombia, in 2018 and the new adventure of connecting talents with opportunities began.

In 2020 Solvo Global kept growing, attracting talents in many fields and connecting them with companies in the United States. During this time, the need for remote employees and the demand for jobs increased more and more. Many challenges appeared during this rough year and Solvo was able to solve every one of them. By the end of this year, new offices were opened in Medellín, Colombia and Barranquilla, Colombia.

In 2022 the company grew with  giant steps, opening new offices in México and the Dominican Republic in this same year. Solvo also expanded its Colombian presence by opening new offices in Medellín, Colombia and in Cali, Colombia.





By 2019, the company started to grow very fast. Solvo opened its second office in Medellín. With the pandemic starting at the end of this year, the need for employees that could work from home increased, making Solvo Global the best option for staffing solutions. Our partners understood that it was possible to have staff working from home and giving the best of them.

Solvo opened its offices in Cordoba, Argentina, giving the opportunity for Argentines to work for a great company and to work remotely all around the country. In 2021, Solvo also welcomed their new office in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Our Mission

At Solvo, our mission is to provide staffing solutions that increase productivity,
adapt to every work environment and bring
in positive results. At the same time, we reduce operating costs without compromising quality.

We are integrated with many students and professionals that have the knowledge and experience required to reach and exceed our client’s expectations.

Soulver [sohl-ver]

Our Vision

By 2025, Solvo strives to be the best option for those looking for a great first job by creating experiences that help them grow professionally, adding value to companies under a customized service and an organizational culture based on respect, inclusion, sustainable growth, and in chain for Soulvers and clients.

Solvo works towards becoming one of the world’s leading staff solutions companies, by adapting and responding rapidly to the changing demand for professionals in all different fields.

Our Values





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At Solvo, we have talented teams spread across multiple cities and countries. We are committed to working closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our talented Soulvers in Latin America are here to help.


7 cities: Medellín, Bogotá, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Armenia, Ibagué, and Cali

United States

Sales force Soulvers all around the country




San Pedro Sula


Remote Soulvers all around
the country.

Dominican Republic

Offices in Santo Domingo



Our Leaders

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How We Work


“Hi There, my name is Brayan and I’m part of the recruitment area ; I feel very happy working with Solvo, because I could improve my english level with the different courses that we have in the Solvo University. I feel very happy with the support from my bosses because they really encourage all what I have in this place. I want to invite you to be part of our Family”



“I love the benefits of working at Solvo. I have great expectations, I hope my team keeps growing and I’m anxious to keep challenging myself in the future with Solvo”

Dominican Republic


“I have been working with Solvo for the past 2 years and one thing that I love the most is the fluid communication we have between Soulvers, I always feel supported. Solvo has grown so much, and it has been such a great and positive experience. It’s a place to grow and showcase my abilities”



“What I love the most about being a Soulver is to be able to innovate and propose, doing everything to improve our conditions and being heard and understood”



“Solvo has helped me grow personally and professionally. I have stumbled upon many challenges that I have taken the best way possible, getting to know many countries and working with different people. Living the Solvo culture is really a world of opportunities”