Solvo Global

About Us

Proven Results. Great Partnerships.

Solvo is a professional service organization created to help companies like yours to optimize their workforce efforts, increase profitability, reduce HR risks, and offer peace of mind with proven results and a great partnership.

Our employees are hungry for success and highly motivated. Our clients appreciate our work ethic, professionalism, and the relationships cultivated over the years.

Our purpose is to grow our strategic partnerships in the US by providing near-shore outsourcing services while relieving the burden and distraction of specific business operations with a higher level of execution for a lower price.

Our Mision

At Solvo, our mission is to provide staffing solutions that increase productivity. We adapt to every work environment and bring in positive results. At the same time, we reduce operating costs without compromising quality.

We are integrated by a large number of students and professionals that have the knowledge and experience required to reach and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Vision

 By 2025, Solvo will be a partner with over 1,000 companies across the world and will be considered by every client as a fundamental part of their companies.

Solvo is striving to become one of the world’s leading staff solutions companies, by adapting and responding rapidly to the changing demand for professionals in all different fields.

Our Values

We consider these as the core values of our company.

Wolf Pack

We are a wolf pack, always working as a team, knowing that each job is different and everyone contributes to the main goal.


We like to think outside of the box, we are creative, and we look at situations from all angles and options, but we always have room for improvement.


We promote honesty, a solid work ethic, respect between us, our customers and our environment. We build trust with what we do.


We enjoy what we do. We are in constant search for the extraordinary. “We always go the extra mile.”

Act Fast

We quickly identify what is essential and prioritize it, we make decisions based on the best possible outcomes.