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Recruit Remote Staffing Experts For Your Team

Recruiters play a key role in any organization; after all, their job is to attract the workers who will keep your company going strong. So, when it comes to hiring one or more of them for your business, you want to make sure they have the experience needed, at a price you can afford.

Remote recruiters available with a minimum of one year of U.S. experience

Outsourced junior recruiters for 40-50% less than in the U.S.

Benefit from dedicated recruiters at an affordable, all-in monthly cost.

Up to 60% annual savings vs. a similarly skilled U.S. professional

When you outsource your recruiting needs to Solvo, you will have a team of experts helping you find, hire, and collaboratively train great recruiting talent.

Once on board, your remote recruiting workforce will go to work to help you attract the people you need, from truck drivers or office staff to skilled technology and healthcare professionals. And they do it at a fraction of the price of U.S.-based recruiters.

Let Solvo Be Your Team’s Team

Solvo is here to provide support to you and your team—letting you get your work done faster and easier. Our unique staffing process ensures you will only work with professional, bilingual recruiters who fit in seamlessly with your existing staff despite their remote location.

Our remote recruiters:

Proven Performance

One of our clients in Massachusetts experienced a 250% increase in jobs filled. Their Solvo recruiters make approximately 75-100 calls a day, set over 5 daily appointments, and fill 2-3 jobs a day!

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