Solvo’s story is a love story. It all started in 2017, when one of our CEO's fell in love with Colombian culture and its people. They made the decision to open a company that could connect Latin American talent with companies throughout North America. Solvo opened its first office in Medellín, Colombia and started the new adventure of connecting talent with opportunities.


Solvo grew very quickly. In 2019, we opened our second office in Medellin. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, the need for remote employees increased. We stepped up to ensure that businesses had the chance to continue increasing their staff and maintaining—and even improving—productivity.   


In 2020, Solvo's expansion continued despite a global shutdown. We continued to meet the growing need of US-based companies for remote employees by introducing them to the advantage of nearshoring. We also opened two new offices in Colombia: one in Medellin and another in Barranquilla. 


We were excited to open our first Argentina office in 2021. The new Cordoba location allowed us to meet the growing needs of our North American customers through the remarkable Argentines who joined our team. 


More Solvo offices came online in 2022.

That included offices in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and two offices in Colombia.