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Nearshore Staff Augmentation: How It Can Empower Your Team

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency and scalability without significantly increasing costs. If overseas outsourcing doesn’t work for your business, nearshore staffing might. With nearshore staff augmentation, you can outsource tasks and responsibilities to staff in a nearby country or region.

Nearshore augmentation is an effective way to enhance your teams and help your business scale without incurring more costs than you need. Here we’ll go over what nearshore staff augmentation is, why it’s gaining momentum with businesses in the U.S., and all the benefits it provides to your business.

What is Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

Nearshore staffing is leveraging services from teams located in nearby countries or regions to where you operate. Staff augmentation is when businesses partner with outside teams to fill in gaps in staffing, providing additional talent where needed. Oftentimes this is popular with IT or long-term projects.  

By engaging in nearshore staff augmentation, businesses can quickly and efficiently accomplish their goals and add specialized talent to their workforce to enhance their teams. Nearshoring is an effective solution to staffing shortages and addresses gaps in talent in your workforce without investing large amounts in recruiting and hiring costs.

Who Can Benefit from Nearshore Staffing Services?

These services are especially beneficial to small businesses and startups operating in competitive markets, companies facing staffing shortages, and companies looking to expand their workforce without increasing recruiting expenses. More specifically, businesses in the following industries often benefit the most from nearshore staffing.


      • IT and Software Development: Technology is constantly evolving, and doing so at a fast pace, making it more and more essential for businesses to have access to highly skilled and cost-effective workforces. Nearshore IT staffing allows businesses to tap into the talent pool of neighboring countries and regions at competitive rates.

      • Customer Service and Support: Maintaining an in-house customer service team is costly and companies experience higher levels of turnover in customer support departments. Nearshoring allows organizations to access more cost-effective talent and reduce turnover without the potential risk of language barriers.

      • Manufacturing and Production: Businesses in manufacturing and production often look to outsourcing to decrease production costs. However, the concerns of quality control and supply chain management have made this a less viable option for many. Nearshore staffing is a beneficial alternative because it offers reduced costs and increased visibility in terms of quality and production. This allows businesses to maintain more control over the production process

      • Financial Services: Financial institutions, banks, and insurance companies require workers with highly specialized skills and expertise. Nearshoring offers these businesses access to professionals with extensive knowledge in various areas of finance. Financial services provided through nearshoring can include data analysts, accounting, financial planning, and more.

      • Health and Life Sciences: This industry relies heavily on research and development as well as administrative support. Nearshore staffing provides access to highly skilled professionals including researchers, scientists, and back-office support. It also allows healthcare organizations to enhance their capabilities without incurring excessive costs.

      • And more!

    Why U.S. Companies are Embracing Latin America for Nearshore Staff Augmentation Solutions

    For businesses operating in the U.S., the most popular region for nearshoring is Latin America, including Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico to name a few. Students in Latin America often learn English early on, so professionals across industries in this region can integrate more quickly with your team.

    In addition to being more cost-effective, nearshoring to Latin America means your extended workforce works in similar, or the same, time zone(s) and there is a greater cultural alignment between North, Central, and South American countries, making it a more viable option to traditional overseas outsourcing.

    Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

    There are many benefits for businesses that utilize nearshore staffing. Some benefits include access to specialized talent, resolving staff shortages, cost-effectiveness, time-zone and cultural compatibility, and speeding up your time to market.

    Access to Specialized Talent

    With nearshoring, you gain access to a larger pool of talent, including specialized talent. Whether you operate in the tech space or a different industry, access to specialized talent will help your team with added skills and expertise. This is especially beneficial if you’re operating in a niche industry where specific skills are required, but more difficult to recruit for—such as software development.

    Address Staff Shortages

    Many businesses are facing staff shortages. You probably have a talented in-house team, but due to staff shortages, you might not have enough employees to complete projects on time without your staff becoming burnt out. Nearshoring provides the additional people you need to complete your work and projects efficiently. They fit into and enhance your current team, rather than replace them.

    Cost-Effective Staffing Solutions

    Choosing to engage in nearshoring provides a more cost-effective way to add quality talent to your team. With nearshoring, you save on recruiting costs and often payroll and benefits costs that you would incur if you hired in-house. Partnering with nearshore staffing partners like Solvo Global gets you access to professionals in multiple job functions and expertise at a lower cost.

    Time-Zone Compatibility and Cultural Alignment

    If you operate in North America, looking to Latin America for your nearshore staffing augmentation needs means you’ll be working with professionals in the same, or close, time zones. The business workday in many Latin American countries is very similar to the U.S., meaning your nearshore team will be able to work the same hours as your in-house teams. The cultures of North, Central, and South American countries have many commonalities, making it easier for your nearshore team to work with your in-house employees and customers/clients.

    Accelerate Your Time to Market

    Hiring a nearshore team means you’ll save time and costs while increasing efficiency. This enables you to get your products to market sooner than you would without nearshoring, ensuring your business and product remain relevant and competitive.

    Is Nearshore Staff Augmentation the Right Approach for Your Business?

    Deciding to engage in nearshoring might be the missing link your business needs to grow, scale, and remain competitive, all while reducing costs. Quality talent isn’t easy to come by and nearshore staffing augmentation allows you to access top talent with specialized skills at a much lower cost. If you’re unsure where to start with nearshoring, Solvo Global is the right partner.  Solvo provides strategic staffing solutions in multiple areas such as recruiting, sales and marketing, logistics, accounting, and much more. Our professional and qualified team members provide a cost-effective solution to your business needs. Contact us to get started.