Solvo Global


Collect the Best Team for Your Business

Solvo has the experienced talent you need.

Looking to hire qualified team members with salaries that won’t break your budget? You’ll find them at Solvo. We offer solutions that make sense for your bottom line. There’s no administration or added office expenses. You keep full control of the work being done, we provide the space, equipment, and oversight for smooth flowing projects and successful results.

You’re Set Up for Growth and Success

We make your staffing business more scalable and more efficient. With Solvo, your business will get:

Cost-effective, reliable solutions without compromising on quality

Qualified collection experts for 40-50% less than in the U.S

Our comprehensive industry knowledge with over 200 collection agents in our offices

Up to 60% annual savings vs. a similarly-skilled U.S. professional

Start building your support team

We Bring You a World of Talent

Solvo gives you the ability to harness the power of a remote workforce to expand and support your team. Created by an entrepreneur to grow his own company, Solvo is an innovative solution now available to your collections department. It’s cost-effective hiring that’s professional, fully-vetted, qualified, and 100% dedicated to your business. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, your collections team members will be working for you on a full-time, permanent basis; they are not a shared resource.

No. We work with businesses of all sizes. Solvo understands that small-and medium-sized business owners need to have quality, affordable support teams.

Solvo recruiters will work (remotely) with your local team. Our staff will serve and support your current employees. We’re here to strengthen your team and improve your bottom line.

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