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Solvo isn’t your typical outsourcing company. We provide simplified staffing solutions with qualified professionals who are hired, trained, and work exclusively for a single business. Our approach is designed to deliver outstanding results to all of our clients while never losing sight of the importance of one-on-one relationships.

Solvo provides real results with qualified people ready to help you grow your business.

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 Headquartered in Medellin, Colombia, with offices throughout Latin America, Solvo is built to help business owners of all sizes and in virtually any industry. We quickly become a trusted partner and seamless extension of your U.S.-based team, providing the resources needed to get their work done faster and easier.

You’ll enjoy working with professionals committed to ensuring every job is done properly and your deadlines are met.

Most Solvo recruits:

Find out how you and your business can grow efficiently and cost effectively.

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We handle your hiring, training and more.

At Solvo we run our business the same way you do, recruiting the right people for the job, training them well, and retaining them thanks to our exceptional in-office culture. You maintain full control of the work being done, while we provide the space, equipment and day-to-day supervision required for smooth flowing projects and successful results.

Our simplified staffing solutions use your existing processes to ensure minimal business disruption. You’ll have a Solvo project manager helping you every step of the way, available to answer any questions as you build your team.

Your remote staffing success begins with our expert hiring process driven by your specific job requirements.

Here’s how it works:

1. Analyzing

Using your processes, requirements, and organizational culture, we design targeted job listings to attract talent that matches your needs.

2. Sourcing

Our robust pipeline includes social networking, university job fairs, colleges, and employee referrals.

3. Screening

Solvo profiles recruits, conducts written and verbal testing, and evaluates resumes to ensure they meet your requirements.

4. Selecting

Our in-person interviews and skills testing focus on finding a great fit for your jobs and company culture.

5. Hiring

Based on your job description and using our rigorous selection process, we hire team members that will help your company grow.

6. Onboarding

We ensure your new hires are welcomed, comfortable, trained, and ready to make an immediate impact on your business.

We Train Your Staff for Success

Solvo gets your new team members up and running with easily accessible tools and targeted training. We collaborate with you to develop training that’s customized to your business.

Your new hires get:

Solvo’s training emphasizes your expectations for your new employees. Our proven system boosts their confidence and competence while clearly communicating responsibilities. Solvo provides a thorough introduction to your company, from the products or services you offer to your corporate mission and values. Your new hires will know their role in the big picture of your company and understand your procedures and policies.

Solvo’s high-performance, service-oriented culture is ready to serve your business.

Solvo Brings People and Technology Together

We Protect Your Data

At Solvo, protecting your digital data is a priority which is why we are PCI and HIPAA compliant. We take your security, privacy, and confidentiality very seriously both online and off.

Our protection methods include:

We Collaborate with You

Our client satisfaction (CSAT) rate is over 95%.

We Ease the Impact of Employee Turnover

Businesses are experiencing rapid employee turnover, which affects productivity and employee morale. Our remote staffing option helps limit and resolve any negative impact of losing employees.

We’ve developed a comprehensive plan that captures the vital details of your procedures and documents them in a process manual. Working closely with you, we gather details during training and create outlines to secure important information, so your business doesn’t skip a beat when an employee leaves.

Using your documents, videos, and forms, we create:

Frequently Asked Questions

When you work with Solvo’s remote labor force, you can turn over the time-consuming process of sourcing, screening, interviewing, hiring, and training new employees. You free up time and resources on your end, while improving your bottom line thanks to our all-in cost structure.

Solvo employees will collaborate remotely with your local team. Our staff provides excellent support to your employees; we’re here to help.

Yes, your team members will be working for you on a full-time, permanent basis; they are not a shared resource. You’ll manage them the same way you would any other employee, like determining the projects your Solvo hires work on and setting deadlines. And thanks to options like Zoom, Teams or GoToMeeting, your hires can meet with you face to face as needed.

No. We work with businesses of all sizes. Solvo understands that small-and medium-sized business owners need to have quality affordable support teams. We have options that work for solopreneurs and startups as well as larger established companies.

Depending on the position, the product and service, training is between one and six weeks. Solvo’s comprehensive training, development, and documentation methods are so well designed that many of our clients have asked to use our materials in their offices.