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Partner with Solvo to access a world of exceptional legal professionals. We provide robust legal support services for law firms to enhance their teams with skilled talent while managing costs effectively.

Top-tier legal talent that costs up to 60% less than hiring locally.

Quality legal support that ensures reliable case details and compliance.

Solvo holds a 96% customer satisfaction rate with its qualified talent.

What Our Clients Say

Luis BCEO, Manufacturing Industry
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“We’ve had nothing but the best results with Solvo. The benefits increase year over year, and they’ve really been an instrument of our success. The more we grow, the more positions they fill, and the better the results. They’re really part of our company.”
Kevin CCEO, Legal Industry
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“The Solvo staff are extremely proactive and constantly looking for a better way to do things. Every business process is now documented, something we did not have prior to working with Solvo. They've removed the burden and distraction of specific business operations with a higher level of execution at a lower price.”

Grow Your Legal Team with Solvo

Empower your attorneys with expert research, drafting, and case preparation support.


Virtual Legal Assistant

Legal Research Assistant

Drafting Specialist

Litigation Support Assistant

Contract Review Specialist

Secure and manage your sensitive legal documents with our specialized remote professionals.

Data Analyst

Document Management Specialist

Database Administrator

Case Records Technician

Electronic Discovery Specialist

Billing and Financial Management
Streamline your billing and financial operations for better efficiency and accuracy.

Billing Specialist

Collections Specialist

Financial Compliance Analyst

Legal Financial Advisor

Administrative and Intake Support
Let our experts manage the intricacies of your operation, from scheduling to client services, freeing you to focus on what matters most to your firm.

Legal Administrative Assistant

Case Manager

Client Intake Specialist

Legal Customer Service Agent


Client Relations Coordinator

Case Intake Analyst

Underwriting and Risk Management
By partnering with Solvo, you tap into specialized expertise that aids in making informed decisions.


Risk Assessment Specialist

Compliance Officer

Contract Analyst

Litigation Risk Analyst

Enhance Your Legal Operations With Solvo

The backbone of a successful law firm lies in its team of dedicated professionals. Ranging from paralegals to legal data managers, these roles ensure every case, document, and client interaction is handled with utmost precision and care. In an age of increasingly innovative technology, many tasks in the legal field are aptly suited for remote operations. Enjoy smooth operations and successful results with Solvo’s experienced legal talent.

How does Solvo work?

Sit back while we analyze your company’s details and design targeted job listings to attract talent that fits your profile. Solvo pulls from a robust pipeline, including networking sites, colleges, and employee referrals.
Feel confident knowing Solvo screens and selects applicants using proven evaluation methods. Our in-person interviews and skills testing focus on finding a great fit for your job(s) and culture.
Onboard your new team member(s) using your typical systems and processes just as you would any other new hires. We ensure your new talent is welcomed, comfortable, trained, and ready to go.

Elevate Your Law Firm Today

We’re committed to equipping law firms with the tools and legal support necessary for success in a competitive landscape.
Embrace a new era of legal operations with Solvo.

Frequently Asked Questions: Remote Legal Support

Legal outsourcing pertains to the delegation of non-core legal and administrative tasks to a third party, like Solvo. This covers a range of roles, from legal data management to administrative support, many of which are compatible with remote work.
Outsourcing legal tasks helps law firms and departments operate more efficiently, reduce overhead costs, and maintain a consistent quality of service. By partnering with a reliable outsourcing company, you can ensure that all tasks are handled by professionals with specialized expertise and are in compliance with legal standards.
Legal jobs encompass roles that support or directly engage in the legal processes of a company or firm. Departments that fall under the term “legal” often include legal billing and administration, underwriting, and risk management. These roles may take shape as anything from paralegals, legal assistants, and underwriters, to intake specialists, legal data managers, and more.
When outsourcing legal roles, compliance is an inherent aspect, especially concerning confidentiality and legal standards. However, at Solvo, we prioritize understanding and adhering to legal regulations. We ensure that all our remote staff are trained to meet these standards. Our proactive stance on legal best practices guarantees client confidentiality, data security, and a quality-driven approach, letting you focus on your core legal tasks with confidence.
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