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Java Development Services 101: Everything You Need To Know

All too often, finding the right Java development company is the only thing that stands between the concept of your application and its fruition. Searching for developers with the skill sets you need can be a time-consuming process. 

At Solvo Global, we aim to remove any roadblocks in your way by providing cost-effective, efficient solutions for your Java project. Our experienced developers cater to diverse needs and deliver innovative results that will give you a leading edge over the competition. 

Large-scale or small, complex or simple, we want to unlock the full potential of your project.


Hiring a Java Developer vs. Outsourcing Your Java Project

We understand the requirements of each project are unique. Our flexible hiring model gives you the freedom to be hands-on or take a more passive approach. Let’s take a look at the difference between hiring a developer and outsourcing your Java project.

Hiring a Java Full Stack DeveloperOutsourcing Your Java Project
Get complete access to a professional end-to-end Java developer.Let a team of experts handle your project from start to finish.
A full-time hire ensures smooth communication.A designated project manager will be in direct contact with you.
An in-house developer can be helpful for multiple projects on the horizon.Outsourcing can be a great solution for one-time projects.
Fill a skill set gap in your team with the talent you need.Avoid the process of onboarding new employees.

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Why Trust Solvo for Java Development

Why trust Solvo for your development needs

Solvo Global offers an unbeatable combination of expertise, cost-effectiveness, and seamless collaboration.

These are some of the reasons why our clients continue to trust us with their Java and other software development projects:


At Solvo Global, our extensive talent pool comprises industry experts across diverse fields.


Our team of developers, based across South America, allow us to offer competitive rates without compromising on quality.


Time-zone alignment and English proficiency facilitate transparent communication with your team.


With our Agile development approach, you can expect seamless project management, and efficient and timely delivery.


Custom Java Development Services

Whether you’re looking to supplement your in-house team with a full-time hire or outsource your project from top to bottom, our experts offer a full range of Java development services for every need.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Custom Java App Development: Create custom Java applications tailored to your specific goals. From mobile apps and dynamic web pages to robust enterprise solutions, our expert developers will exceed your expectations.
  • Cloud-Based Applications: Build, deploy, and manage cloud-based applications that are quick, stable, and scalable. Leverage the fluidity of the cloud to give your business a competitive advantage.
  • Mobile App Development: Create complex, cross-platform mobile apps that give your users a feature-rich, engaging experience on iPhone or Android devices.
  • Testing and QA: Ensure the security and stability of your Java application with end-to-end testing frameworks that will save you time and money.
  • Java Consulting: Access a wealth of knowledge and experience in Java development, and let us optimize your project, answer your questions, and help you reach your goals.

Our Java Development Process: Kickstart Your Project!

Step 1: Job Description – You send a description of the role or roles you need to fill, including the precise skill set needed. We set up a call with you within 24 hours.

Step 2: Discovery Call – Our Onboarding Team explains the recruitment process and next steps to you. You get a salary range for the position/s you are hiring for.

Step 3: Making it Happen – You see candidates from us within 2-4 weeks. New hires will join your team within 4-6 weeks, on average.

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FAQs About Java Development Services

1. Can I completely outsource my Java development project? 

Yes! You can 100% outsource your Java development project with Solvo. We will provide a team of experts and a designated project manager tailor-suited to your requirements. Our professionals will take care of every aspect so you can continue to concentrate on your business.



  1. Can I completely outsource my Java development project? 
    Yes! You can 100% outsource your Java development project with Solvo. We will provide a team of experts and a designated project manager tailor-suited to your requirements. Our professionals will take care of every aspect so you can continue to concentrate on your business.
  2. Can I hire Java developers full-time?
    Absolutely! We are a resource for global talent, and finding the right fit for your business is our specialty. We consider your project requirements and your company culture to provide you with a perfect match. Our developers will fully integrate into your team and work with you every step of the way.
  3. How can I get a personalized quote for my Java development project? 
    It’s easy to get a personalized quote for your Java development project! Simply email us or fill out the contact form on our site, and we will be in touch to set up a discussion about your project details. Once we gather all the information we need, we will give you a personalized quote outlining the cost.
  4. What is Java and what is it useful for?
    Java is a widely used, object-oriented programming language for coding web applications. Developers use this language for a diverse range of tasks like building and running mobile, cloud, and web apps, marketing tools, and games. It can also support AI and Internet of Things devices.

    It’s compatible with many operating environments and can be run anywhere, from gaming consoles and notebook computers to medical devices and mobile phones. 
  5. What are the benefits of using Java?
    Java has been one of the most popular programming languages and a leading choice among developers for over 25 years. Its favorability boils down to a few key features.
    Platform Independent
    Java’s long-standing tagline is “Write once, run anywhere.” Its code can run on any platform, browser, or operating system, making it highly adaptable in application development. 
    Java’s object-oriented modular structure allows code to be reused, simplifying the most complex projects with ease. It also increases scalability without sacrificing performance. 
    Robust and Secure
    Java maintains robustness and security through the utilization of several functions. Automatic memory management and garbage collection reduce the risk of memory leaks, while the Java Virtual Machine detects and blocks malicious code.
  6. What are the disadvantages of Java?
    Although Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages, developers tend to agree it can have some drawbacks.
    Slow Performance
    The Java Virtual Machine interprets code during runtime, and the automatic garbage collector helps manage memory. Although they are valuable features, they can also cause slow performance as they continuously run in the backend.
    Lacking GUI
    Frameworks like JavaFX, Swing, and SWT allow for the creation of graphic user interfaces in Java. However, a common consensus among developers is that they need to be improved in order to build more complex GUIs.



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