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Angular Development Services: An In-Depth Guide

Bringing your vision to life should be simple, right? You have an idea, a deadline, and a budget, so why is it so hard to find the right Angular development company? 

Your time is invaluable, and if you’ve been exhausting resources in the hunt, we are here to help. At Solvo Global, we fast-track the perfect candidates right to you. Our highly specialized developers are ready to build your project from start to finish or join your team and apply their skills every step of the way.  

No matter how complex or simple your needs are, we offer efficient, bespoke solutions that will accelerate your vision from inception to fruition.

Hiring an Angular Developer vs. Outsourcing Your Angular Project

Whether you want to be hands-on or let someone else take the wheel, our flexible hiring model will suit any project’s needs. Take a look at some of the options we offer.

Hiring Angular DevelopersOutsourcing Your Angular Project
✓ Get exclusive access to the expertise of an Angular developer.✓ Let a team of professionals take your project from concept to deployment.
✓ Full integration into your team ensures seamless communication.✓ Communicate with your designated project manager at your convenience.
✓ Supplement your existing team with a new skill set.✓ Avoid any changes to your current staff.
✓ Hiring can be beneficial for long-term projects that require extra collaboration.✓ Outsourcing is ideal for standalone projects that necessitate rapid development.

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Why Trust Solvo for Angular Development

Why trust Solvo for your development needs

Solvo Global offers an unbeatable combination of expertise, cost-effectiveness, and seamless collaboration.

These are some of the reasons why our clients continue to trust us with their Angular and other software development projects:


At Solvo Global, our extensive talent pool comprises industry experts across diverse fields.


Our team of developers, based across South America, allow us to offer competitive rates without compromising on quality.


Time-zone alignment and English proficiency facilitate transparent communication with your team.


With our Agile development approach, you can expect seamless project management, and efficient and timely delivery.

End-to-End Angular Development Services

Whether you want to outsource your eCommerce app or bring on a full-time addition to build a video streaming service, our experts are ready to help. We offer complete end-to-end Angular development services that will bring your project to life. 

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Custom Software Development: Build custom software solutions tailored to your unique business goals, from dynamic web apps to agile single-page applications. 
  • Mobile Applications: Leverage Angular’s efficient architecture to rapidly create cross-platform mobile applications with robust user interfaces that will engage your customer base.
  • eCommerce Development: Create feature-rich, high-performance eCommerce sites with impressive UIs that are secure, SEO friendly, and scalable.
  • Enterprise Applications: Develop large, complex enterprise solutions with ease through Angular’s stable framework.
  • Support & Maintenance: Provide ongoing, proactive support and maintenance to ensure the seamless performance of your Angular project.

Our Angular Development Process: Kickstart Your Project!

Step 1: Job Description – You send a description of the role or roles you need to fill, including the precise skill set needed. We set up a call with you within 24 hours.

Step 2: Discovery Call – Our Onboarding Team explains the recruitment process and next steps to you. You get a salary range for the position/s you are hiring for.

Step 3: Making it Happen – You see candidates from us within 2-4 weeks. New hires will join your team within 4-6 weeks, on average.

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Your Angular Journey Starts Here

You don’t need to search far and wide for the perfect Angular development company. Solvo Global provides flexible, comprehensive solutions that will help you achieve your goals and save you time.

Our client-centric approach ensures the perfect match, whether you want to outsource your project or find a full-time hire. With our candidates’ technological prowess and your vision, together, we will leverage the power of Angular to create something spectacular. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of innovation?

The Answers To All Your Angular Development Services

How much will my business save by hiring an Angular developer through Solvo?

On average, it costs 60% less to hire an Angular developer through Solvo than an equivalent US-based employee. In addition, we cover the costs of payroll, taxes, and benefits. When you factor in those savings, it translates to roughly a 70% cost reduction compared to domestic hiring.

How fast can your candidates join my team?

You can expect to receive candidates in 2-4 weeks and a full integration into your team within 4-6 weeks.

What benefits does collaborating with Solvo offer in comparison to offshore outsourcing?

Solvo provides a unique advantage over offshore outsourcing. Our candidates are exceptionally proficient in English, and we pledge to align with your time zone, business hours, and company culture.

What is Angular and what is it useful for?

Angular is an open-source, front-end development framework for building single-page web applications with TypeScript and HTML. Its component-based architecture allows developers to create robust, scalable solutions with ease.

Angular is used to build feature-rich, user-centric web applications like email services, e-commerce platforms, video streaming sites, and online payment systems.

Can I completely outsource my Angular development project?

Yes, you can 100% outsource your Angular development project with Solvo! We will select a team of developers and a designated project manager with the skillsets required for your unique vision. They will handle every aspect of your project from start to finish, letting you continue to focus on what matters most.

Can I hire Angular developers full-time?

Definitely! Connecting you with the perfect match for your company and your project needs is our specialty. We have professional developers ready to integrate into your team and apply their expertise to help you bring your concept to life.

How can I get a personalized quote for my Angular development project?

Getting a personalized quote for your Angular development project is easy! Simply fill out the contact form on our site or email us. We will be in touch with you to set up a discussion about the details of your project. Once we learn more, we will give you a quote outlining the costs.